Cooper skin is one of the skills granted to Han Jee-Han by his gamer ability. He found and bought the skill by studying the articles on the Abyss Auction site in chapter 53 and learned it through his skill absorption ability.

Information Edit

A magic with unknown origin. It appeared as a protection magic that mages used widely. The skin becomes as strong as bronze, but it retains the texture of skin, having the strength of bronze and the flexibility of skin. The defensive strength is so strong, that it deflects bullets with only a light skin wound. A deep bruise is possible and it won't stop the bones from breaking. (Not the original translation from mangajoy, but this sounds better and the sense remains the same.)

Effects Edit


  • The skin becomes as strong as bronze.
  • Duration time: 30 minutes.
  • MP Cost: 60
  • Stacks with Chunbu Breathing Technique and Chunbu Outer Ki Technique to improve defense.