3-Headed Wolf
Class Unknown
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Style Unknown
Level Unknown (Higher than 16)
HP Unknown
MP Unknown
Current Status
Affiliation Hwan Sung-Gon
Debut Chapter 2

Cerberus is one of the summons of the Black Summoner, Hwan Sung-Gon.


It has 3 heads and 3 tails and stands around 12 ft tall covered in light-gray fur. 


Cerberus is very loyal to its master.


Abilities And PowersEdit

It is currently unknown what the actual level of cerberus. Based on Hwan Sung-Gon's surprise when it was defeated by Kwon Shi-Yun and his previous comment that the Lv 16 Black Slime would not be able to beat her, means that cerberus is much stronger.

  • Pyrokinesis: Cerberus has the ability to spit fire from the middle head. It is unknown if the other heads can do the same.


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