Chapter 47
Chapter 47
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Volume 1
Arc Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger
Chapter 47
Release Date
Korean July 24, 2014
English March 27, 2015
Chapter 46 Chapter 48

This is the 47th chapter of the webtoon, The Gamer (Webtoon)


Han Jee-Han continues to train with Poong Sae Young (Noona). Jee-Han notices how Poong Sae Young's stats are much higher than they should be compared to her level, and believes that it is because of martial arts training. Poong Sae Young gets annoyed that her INT is very low compared to Han Jee-Han, despite it being a normal amount for the average human. She decides to put the points she gained from leveling up with Han Jee-Han into INT, but Shin Sun Il stops her, telling her how difficult gaining stat points are. He teases Noona, saying that she might want to put the points into INT after all. Han Jee-Han says that if she acts stupid, she should put the points into WIS. Jee-Han debates on where to put his stat points that he has gained. He puts all of his stat points into INT, gaining him the skills Psychokinesis, Medium Mana Capacity, and Mana Regeneration.




  • The Gamer
    • Psychokinesis (New)
    • Medium Mana (New) (Passive)
    • Mana regeneration (New) (Passive)

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