Chapter 48
Chapter 48
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Volume 1
Arc Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger
Chapter 48
Release Date
Korean July 31, 2014
English April 1, 2015
Chapter 47 Chapter 49

This is the 48th chapter of the webtoon, The Gamer (Webtoon).


Han Jee-Han notices that his mana regeneration is now 94 per minute, which makes him extremely excited. Then he discusses the reason for which he put all of his points in INT to Sun Il: he plans to grind his physical attributes and he will be able to hold Mana Shield and Summon Elemental at all times. By thinking of this plan, he gained one point is WIS. Jee-Han asks Sun Il to teach him his clan's training program for the body, which Sun Il agrees to, but says he will need to make preparations. He tells Jee-Han that for today, he will just run to increase his VIT. Han Jee-Han remarks on how Mana Shield doesn't allow anything through but air for him to breathe. Noum i also able to walk through the Mana Shield. Jee-Han begins running. After a few hours of running, he increased his VIT by 12.




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