Chapter 49
Chapter 49
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Volume 1
Arc Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger
Chapter 49
Release Date
Korean August 7, 2014
English April 2, 2015
Chapter 48 Chapter 50

 This is the 49th chapter of the webtoon, The Gamer (Webtoon).


The next day, Han Jee-Han creates a plan to raise more than just one stat at once. He plans to increase his STR and VIT at once by the use of weights. He gained 3 more WIS points by thinking of it. Sun Il says that because of Jee-Han's body, he may not need Chunbumoon's training method. Jee-Han begins running. Sun Il begins training his ki near Jee-Han, which Jee-Han thinks he should possibly do later as well. Jee-Han continued to run and gained 10 VIT and 20 STR. He was also able to increase Mana Shield to level 65 and Summon Elemental to 72. He finds out that the lowest mana cost for skills is 5 mp per minute. Jee-Han enjoys his new strength until he remembers that he didn't study at all. He worries about making money, but Sun Il tells him about how brokers exist in the Abyss who can handle money made in the Abyss. Sun Il tells him not to worry about the test, and he can even cheat if he has to. Jee-Han asks if grinding is his job now.




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