Chapter 51
Chapter 51
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Volume 1
Arc Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger
Chapter 51
Release Date
Korean August 21, 2014
English April 8, 2015
Chapter 50 Chapter 52

  This is the 51st chapter of the webtoon, The Gamer (Webtoon).


Han Jee-Han is going on a date with Hwan Sung-Ah. She holds onto his arm, and Jee-Han is getting embarrassed. He tells her that it is what lovers do, and she lets go. He said it felt good though, and ends up holding his arm again. He gains the skill Detect Bloodlust. Jee-Han looks around to see if he is being attacked, only to see Hwan Sung-Gon watching him with his daughter. They go eat shaved ice together. Han Jee-Han thinks about her curse, and then he grabs her hand and uses Yun Hon Soul Recovery. He tells Hwan Sung-Ah that he will do it every time he sees her, which makes her cry, saying she is thankful. He says not to worry about it, since it is his ability.



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