Chapter 52
Chapter 52
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Volume 1
Arc Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger
Chapter 52
Release Date
Korean August 28, 2014
English April 9, 2015
Chapter 51 Chapter 53

   This is the 52nd chapter of the webtoon, The Gamer (Webtoon).


Han Jee-Han tells Hwan Sung-Gon that he will try to heal her completely. They parted ways not long after, after Jee-Han had gained 5 levels in Detect Bloodlust. Jee-Han is seen next in a training area. He turns on Chunbu Spirit Technique and summons Gnome. He has her hit him. He gains some damage and increases his Physical Endurance skill, and then he activates Yun Hon Soul Recovery. He uses that method to train. The next day he talks to Sun Il. Jee Han mentions that he increased Yun Hon Recovery to 45, Physical Endurance to 21, Chunbu Spirit Technique to 21, and Summon Elemental to 74. He also mentions that he began studying during his training session as well. They discuss trying to heal Hwan Sung-Ah. Then Sun Il tells him he made 50,000,000 won by selling the magical items he has gained.



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  • The Gamer

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