Phantom Wind & Phantom Rain

Phantom Wind & Phantom Rain

The Chunbumoon is a clan of martial artists that rules a section of the Seoul region of Korea. They are one of the three factions competing in Seoul. They are very popular and powerful in Korea and most people don't want to be their enemy.


They are one of the two Martial art family existing in Seoul for an unknown amount of years.


Chunbumoon's Strength Rankings are based on five ranks of strength with human being the most common and weakest and Shinin the rarest and strongest. However, the fifth and strongest ranking doesn't seem to be known outside the clan as Hwan Sung-Gon said there were four ranks possibly due to its rarity. These rankings are listed below:

  1. Human
  2. Yoma
  3. Phantom
  4. Ren
  5. Shinin


They have the ability to create Illusion barriers like many members of the Abyss, however they have created two inescapable barriers with various effects they are:

  • Wind Rain Cloud Triad Zone - This is an illusion barrier that weakens the opponent while it increases the ability of the users. All Status is decreased for not having the Wind, Rain, or Cloud God Technique. (10% each)
  • Chunbumoon's Life Recovery Zone - This is an illusion barrier that boosts recovery. Life force regeneration speed is increased by 100%. Vitality regeneration speed is increased by 100%. Mana regeneration speed is increased by 100%.

Known MembersEdit

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