Irregular Magician
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Title Existence Eater
Style Magic
Current Status
Job Unemployed
Debut Chapter 5 (mentioned)

Irregular Magician (비정규직 마법사, Bijeong-gyujig Mabeobsa) Masle or also called the Existence Eater (이그지텐스 이터, Igeujitenseu Iteo) is one of the Three Factions ruling over the Abyss of Seoul along with Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon. He has given permission to Hwan Sung-Gon to farm for Soul Stones. His strength alone is considered to be equal with the Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon. 

It has been stated that he is a high-school graduate and wants a governement job, but has no luck in passing the entrance exam, hence the title Irregular Magician.

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