Gnome / Noim
Class Lowest Earth Spirit

Lower Earth Spirit (As Noim)

Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Race Elemental (Earth Spirit)
Gender Female
Attribute Earth
Style Ogre hunter
Level 1 --> 14 (Summoning elemental LV 99)
HP Unknown
MP Unknown
Current Status
Affiliation Han Jee-Han
Debut Chapter 37

Gnome is one of the earth elemental summons of the Gamer, Han Jee-Han.


She is seen wearing a yellow dress and hat and on her chest seems to be pieces of rock


She has a very joyful personality although her age is unknown she seems young not only in body but in mind she was unable to create complex sentences during her invocation what suggests that she shared not only her power and soul and memories with Han Jee-Han but he also shared with her with make her visibly more intelligent.She also enjoys being praised.


Abilities And PowersEdit

After the first summoning, Han Jee-Han and his new spirit merged their power and their affinities. This counts as a contract. Han Jee-han supports the summoning with his (blue) mana and Gnome granted the use of her (orange) powers. There are two ways to use the summoning: The Gamer can use Gnome's power to manipulate the element EARTH or Gnome can use the abilities of Han Jee-han but using its earth affinity instead of mana affinity. Her powers result into a variant of the abilities of the boy. For various reasons she can't use the abilities learned from other “books” (Techniques of Chunbu and Yunhon clan, Life drain).

The simple presence of Gnome raise their bond. Every 5 levels the summoner could call a new elemental but Han Jee-han prefers to give this boost to Gnome.

Noim Edit


Gnome after her evolution

Its Gnome new form. She evolves in the chapter 125.

After Jee-Han ask Gnome how to evolved his summoning technique gnome explain him that it will only develop if Jee-Han change the way of summoning, hearing this Jee-Han began concentrating to the point when his summoning technique change from Lowest to Lower Transforming Gnome into Noim in a second.

It also reveal that Gnome will undergo other two forms while evolving Noianen her middle form and Noias being the higher level


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