This is one of the skills granted to Han-Jee Han by his ability The Gamer. He obtained this ability as Skill Book after defeating the Golems created by Black Rocks.

Information Edit

"A legendary inanimate creature from Ancient Judea. Its existence has been known even before B.C. The basic of this spell allow you to use clay to breath life into a puppet. After a long time of research magician found lot of varieties of golems.

Effect: Permanently allow one to create 1 golem at time. The Golem's abilities are based on the caster stat"


Lowest Grade Golem Creation (Active) Lv1:

  • MP Cost: 2000
  • Limitation: 2 Golems

Created GolemsEdit

Created in chapter 65 - Destroyed in chapter 65Edit

Race: Lowest Grade Jumble Mumble Golem

Sex: Not Applicable

Level:1  Next Level: None

Age: 1

Strenght : 20 / Dex: 10 / Vit: 20 / Int: 0 / Wis: 0 / Chrarisma: 0

Special: Lowest Grade Magic Resistance (Active)

Hard Body (Permanent)

Flame Resistant (Permanent)

Average weapon immunity (Permanent)

Point: 0

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