Han Jee-Han (한지한, Hanjihan) also known as "The Gamer" is the main protagonist of the manhwa The Gamer. Jee-Han has recently discovered that he has a Natural Ability called The Gamer. This ability makes him experience his life in a game-like setting which was derived from his gaming addiction.


Han Jee-Han is a young man in his late teens with dark brown hair(although it looks purple sometime)and brown eyes. He is mainly seen wearing his school uniform: black pants, a blue shirt and a red tie.

More recently, he wears a brown jacket, or whatever shirt happens to be on, as he isn't battling right after school as much.


Before he gained the ability known as “The Gamer”, Jee-Han had no motivation or dreams to accomplish anything. Like many teenagers at his age, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and sought for a way to become an important person in society. After being thrust into the dangers of the Abyss however, Jee-Han’s daily life has taken a complete turn and he has changed considerably.

Jee-Han has a simplistic outlook on life and as such, he possesses an easy going and carefree attitude. There was nothing in Jee-Han’s life he really enjoyed doing other than playing video games and in accordance to that passion, he was granted the natural ability known as “The Gamer”.

Because of his obsessions with video games, Jee-Han can usually relate most things he learns about the Abyss and the Gaia Theory back to video games which make it simpler for him.

Though he’s not a complete coward, Jee-Han has shown a reluctance to engage himself in combat and used to choose running away as his first option to ensure his survival. After getting accustomed to engaging enemies and leveling up, Jee-Han has become much more confident in his abilities and will only run away if the situation is out of his league. More recently, he has taken to unleashing his golems, nulifying enemies' magic, or just spiral mana bomb + lightning arrowing them.

Jee-Han can come off as a geek whenever he starts talking about how things work in the game world. Sun-II and Sae-Young have frequently laughed at these monologues which annoys Jee-Han to no end.

Thanks to the incredibly useful functions that his natural ability gives him (such as creating drops from nothing, allowing him to learn skill books instantly, and obtaining passive skills), Jee-Han’s ego has gotten noticeably big. Sun-II has frequently expressed distress at the unfair advantages that Jee-Han gloats about and has developed somewhat of a god complex (comically of course). However, after witnessing the overwhelming power of those who are veterans in the Abyss, Jee-Han’s ego about his ability has been lowered and he has begun to see how truly small he is. In season 4, Jee-han still gloats, but that is because he is actually very powerful, and has earned the right to brag.

Because he has spent most of his life as a gamer, Jee-Han is shy around pretty girls and has a hard time hiding his embarrassment when teased. Sae-Young and Lolikiano Mistream exploit this for all its worth and regularly teases him by getting close to him. Jee-Han has also expressed an interest in the opposite sex, such as Shi-Yun who he thinks has an attractive body and Sung-Ah who he thinks is really cute. He is also completely clueless about the girls that like him and flirt with him, and this creates many funny moments. 

Creativity is a trait that has been a constant advantage to Jee-Han’s arsenal and has used his intuition with mana to create several useful techniques. For example, Jee-Han realized his energy bolt lacked piercing damage so he decided to manipulate his ki to add spinning properties to his attack, creating the Spinning Mana Arrow in the process. He even managed to use his skills creatively in situations that overcomes the power of gaia such as when the Church of Masks used the power of the world, Jee-Han used Douchery - a skill he got by accident at the beginning without grinding and managed to gain the upper hand. 


When Han Jee-Han was younger he usually went over to Shin Sun-Il and attempted to get him to play video games which usually ended up with Sun-Il's grandfather getting angry and chasing Jee-Han around. It's also stated that when he was younger, he accidentally went into Poong Sae-Young's room and discovered she wears black silk lace panties. When she found this out, she ordered him to never reveal this information.


The Quest Above My Head

Training arc - The story began with Jee-Han explaining how much his life is like a video game. He demonstrated the ability to gain quests, EXP, and levels. He wasn't aware of how, or why, his life suddenly became like this. Just that he first noticed when a status window explained he had gained a level, and he put the five stat points he gained into STR (Strength) making him a bit stronger. At the end of the first chapter, it is explained he can also gain stat points by performing tasks that increase them IRL (In Real Life). Such as studying, and exercising.

Han Jee-Han proceeds to have an encounter inside of an Illusion Barrier that he accidentally entered containing Hwan Sung-Gon and Kwon Shi-Yun. Jee-Han attempted to escape since both parties were higher level than he was, only to be captured by one of Sung-Gon's creatures, and used as a pawn to force Shi-Yun to fight Sung-Gon's summoned creatures. Jee-Han escapes and defeats Sung-Gon's creature gaining him two levels. After which he is questioned by Kwon Shi-Yun. Later Jee-Han talks with his friend Shin Sun-il about his experience, which leads Sun-il to threaten Jee-Han believing him to be an impostor. Jee-Han quickly disposes of that fear and learns about Illusion Barriers. Gaining him three skills in the process. Jee-Han also learns that his powers were granted to him from "Gaia", the spirit of the earth and that the powers "Gaia" grants are usually related to an experience, or trait, a person exhibits. For example, someone who almost died of drowning might gain water related powers since the experience had a huge impact on their life. Meaning Jee-Han got his gamer power because of his addiction to video games.

Jee-Han proceeds to get caught once again in an illusion barrier filled with zombies. Using the skills he's developed so far Jee-Han fights the zombies and acquires a level and an object known as a "Soul Shard". Jee-Han later goes to see Sun-il. Worried his friend is injured, or even dead. He is then interrogated by Poon Sae-Young about his identity, similar to how Sun-il questioned his identity until he also disposes of Sae-Young's fear by revealing a secret he had learned about her. Which resulted in Sae-Young hitting him in the neck, and becoming red faced. Sae-Young brings Jee-Han to Sun-il. Revealing he is alive, but injured. Jee-Han, using a book besides Sun-il, gains the skill "Yun-hon Soul recovered" (later changed to "Yun-hon recovery". Probably due to the redundancy "hon" means "soul". so there was no point in having "soul" in there twice), and heals Sun-il instantly. A feat that is impressive to all but Jee-Han who believes it a common thing.

Jee-Han is later returned to Sun-il's residence to test his skill gaining knowledge. He is given various books by Sun-il's grandfather Shin Sun-Oh. Jee-Han learns a variety of skills that all increase his stats, and is even given weapons to go with the various weapon mastery skills he's given. Jee-Han then ventures into various illusion barriers with Sun-il where the two encounter bosses that drop healing potions, money, and various other objects. The majority of these objects are given to Sun-il's clan (Chunbumoon) to sell for large quantities of money. Jee-Han is also introduced to a company called "Abyss Auction", and the world of "Abyss" in general. Abyss is an underground world of those who have powers similar to Jee-Han. Jee-Han constantly wrestles with the issue of joining the Abyss or remaining in the real world. To date Jee-Han has accepted even if he does not indulge in the Abyss he must become strong so Abyss people do not kill him.

Using Abyss Auction Jee-Han gains a multitude of items and skills to complement his goal with becoming "A Mage", "A Magician", and/or "A wizard" as all terms are used at some point in the story. Jee-Han also follows this goal by leveling up his INT (Intelligence) and his WIS (Wisdom) using his stat points. It is revealed that when his base stat levels become 50, 100, and 200, Jee-Han gains additional skills. Though Jee-Han doesn't seem to grasp this concept despite hitting 50 twice, 100 once, and 200 once. Jee-Han's power is considered impressive at several points, though it appears the people who consider that power "impressive" are still stronger than he is.

The Black Soul Arc - After meeting Hwan Sung-Ah Jee-Han learns she is afflicted with something called a "Black Soul". It is revealed to be an abnormality in certain people, and his highly coveted since people with "Black Soul" have the potential to become incredibly strong. As it is revealed that is the case with Hwan Sung-Gon. Jee-Han attempts to heal Sung-Ah of her Black Soul since Jee-Han feels bad about her affliction. It is revealed he is unable to do so and continues to train his Yun-Hon Recovery skill to be able to do so. At one point Jee-han and Sung-Ah go on a date together. Sung-Ah seems naive to the way a date works, but Hwan Sung-Gon does not. as he follows the two from a distance and subjects Jee-Han to blood lust whenever he gets close to Sung-Ah. This results in a new skill being created, and leveled up five times, from the amount of blood lust Jee-Han is subjected to.

The arc continues Han Jee-Han's training arc. Letting him level up his various skills, stats, and his overall level. Jee-Han also encounters Lolikeano Mistream, "The Witch of Carnage" (carnage has been interchanged with slaughter in some versions), and her companion "Great Wolf" when Jee-Han and Sung-Ah are targeted by two Abyss warriors. Jee-Han is unable to damage the two, but able to escape them with Sung-Ah. Lolikeano reveals these two warriors are weak, and disposes of them, per her contract with Sung-Gon. Lolikeano then demonstrates an interest in Jee-Han. Even inviting him out on a date. Jee-Han refuses and is given her card with her phone number before leaving.

Jee-Han encounters Lolikeano once more inside of another illusion barrier where she is being hunted by another group called "The Black Rock". Despite Jee-Han being incredibly weaker, he assists Lolikeano and her warrior in defeating this group. Doing so allowed Jee-Han to level up and gain a new skill. Jee-Han also became "marked" When Lolikeano kissed him. After leveling up his skills more Jee-Han came upon a battle where many Abyss warriors were attempting to harm Hwan Sung-Gon and Sung-Ah. Jee-Han, along with Kwon Shi-Yun arrive to aid them. Though aside from getting rid of weak enemies, they are mostly unable to help, until the pivotal moment when Jee-Han heals an injured, and nearly beaten, Sung-Gon.

It is revealed Sung-Gon is under attack from a group called "The Company" which, as the name implies, is intent on making vast amounts of money. They are revealed to be intending to create a Philosopher's stone using the Black Soul of Sung-Ah. The Company's main power is revealed to be its vast fortune. Which, when purchasing land and objects, gives them complete control over what they've purchased. Though it appears there are exceptions to this rule. As Jee-Han is able to move freely despite the company purchasing the land. Implying the company must directly command what they wish, and aren't able to command all things.

Sung-Gon emerges victorious and asks to repay Jee-Han. To which Jee-Han states he only wishes books. Sung-Gon deduces it is for Jee-Han's ability to gain skills using books and agrees to supply Jee-Han with skill books. Though to this day, it is unclear if Sung-Gon has made good on his promise. Lolikeano makes the same offer and is asked to teach Jee-Han magic. A request that Lolikeano finds intriguing and agrees to take Jee-Han on as a pupil for one month.

The Age of the Great Labyrinth - After the battle with The Company, an unknown group creates a new mobile application game called "The Age of the Great Labyrinth. Jee-Han comes upon this plot after his training with Lolikeano when he comes across an entryway labeled as "DLC" (DownLoadable Content) for the Age of the Great Labyrinth. He ventures in, an act which enrages Sun-il, and discovers it is like a video game Labyrinth. He quickly clears the first floor being it is full of low level creatures. Gaining various objects, and money. It is revealed the Labyrinth is a creation from Abyss people to gather the power of imagination from people, and that gathering this much energy could create a "god".

It is revealed imagination power is used to create "gods" so that groups can use their gods to increase their own power or the power of their groups. It is then hinted this is the base for many forms of mythology in the real world. Though it is not confirmed that mythological gods were created using this technique. Jee-Han is told not to go into the Great Labyrinth and agrees since he is now able to create it himself. Though it is revealed that his creations are linked to the actual Great Labyrinth when Jee-Han finds Kim Yoo-Jin in a Great Labyrinth he created when she is pulled in by the game during her sleep. Jee-Han saves Yoo-Jin and gets her out of the Labyrinth. Jee-Han then proceeds to help Yoo-Jin become stronger so she can get out herself if she is ever pulled in again. Lolikeano makes all her training pointless when she enchants Yoo-Jin so the Class Rep cannot be pulled in again. Despite this Yoo-Jin is kidnapped by an unknown assailant, later revealed to be in Hyung-Jin the puppet master who controls metal woman-shaped puppets.

Jee-Han goes to save Yoo-Jin, an act which also enrages Sun-il, and battles Hyung-Jin. Though Hyung-Jin appears to be more powerful, Jee-Han is able to defeat him due to Jee-Han's ability to regenerate his mana (an act which even Lolikeano considers impressive). He outlasts Hyung-Jin and defeats him when Hyung-Jin is out of power. Jee-Han rescues Yoo-Jin and many others from Hyung-Jin's clutches, and debates on killing Hyung-Jin before Sun-il arrives. Jee-Han and Yoo-Jin are then offered to join Chunbumoon so instances like this will not happen again. As Chunbumoon is a highly respected, and feared, group in the Abyss. Jee-Han joins and is given the title "Chunbumoon's fool", while Sun-il's title is raised from "Chunbumoon's heir' to "Chunbumoon's victor". Implying the Chunbumoon have a ranking system with their members. Though it is not confirmed HOW one raises their rank, or how many ranks exist in the group.

Jee-Han, while out with Yoo-Jin, is come upon by Kwon Shi-Yun. Who becomes jealous of Yoo-Jin. After it is revealed Jee-Han kissed Lolikeano, and is called "A player" by Shi-Yun, Jee-Han is subjected by blood lust from both girls to the point his skill level to detect blood lust raises. After going to an amusement park, where Jee-Han uses Shi-Yun's naivety to subject her to wearing bunny ears, the group spends a day together having fun. While both girls secretly compete with each other for Jee-Han's affections. The group is then pulled into the Great Labyrinth, along with many other players, and told that this time there is a prize. Whoever clears the tenth floor first will get to keep their items and powers when they leave the Labyrinth. Though this prize does not apply to the group (since Jee-Han keeps whatever items he gets anyway, and Shi-Yun and Yoo-Jin have never been in the Labyrinth without Jee-Han) the three still attempt to clear the ten floors and do so quicker than the others since Jee-Han and Shi-Yun are incredibly strong.

The problem ends after Yoo-jin being teleported away, Jee-Han and his crew going to save her, and Arc company disconnecting them from the labyrinth forever. It is also shown that the Dan-ui guild will not stop Arc Company, and pulls out.

The Church of Masks (Season 3 and 4)

After being released from the game, there is a group that pops up; they are known as the Church of Masks. They are presumed to be a weak cult following the new god.

Lolikeano requests Jee-han's help to find a 'tree', wich she teases him about, but then reveals that it is the world tree. The 9th gate lost track of the tree a while ago.

Later, during break, Lolikeano and Jee-han leave to go to Dragon land, ruled by king Munmi, the dragon king. Dragon land is underwater, but the duo takes a car to one spot, and then takes a broom to the actual city. (Lolikeano could drive because of a metamorphosis spell that gave her an adult body). When they arrive, they sign up for a cleaning operation, where you earn exchangeable points by killing monsters on the cities border. After 3ish days, Jee-han earned an extraordinarily large amount, and bought a potion and an item. They wited for a while in a room where he took the potion, and they rested, and discussed the king and language. It is revealed that the king is also a game nut, and was a top star-craft player for a while. Then they entered the Dragon Kings palace. The dragon king tells them that the Dan-ui guild has the bell, and Sunil has the sword, but even the Dragon king doesn't know where the sword is. The king says he hopes that they find it, because he wants that to. As they are leaving, the king says to Jee-han telepathically that he has a good feeling about Jee-han, and to come back again later, which Jee-han doesn't do; yet.

After leaving the land, The witch is super stressed, because someone took her car. The church of masks then appears, and they realize that they are, infact, affiliated with the abyss. There are both swordsmen and sorcerers, but they are slaughtered by the witch in her anger. Before joining th fight, Jee-han uses observe, and sees that they have a divine and mental connection. They are brought back to life by another mask chanting "Awaken me", which seems to be a spell of resurrection. The Witch of Carnage (AKA Slaughter) Summons a demon from Lovecraft, but it is fake, and so Jee-han distracts the enemies with the elements, and they retreat.

They go to a spot were a legitimate fortune teller works, known as Cheonjidang. They discuss the Harem king, Dajeon Jin, and it is unknown if he has the divine mirror, bcause the land that he lives on is under his command; and he doen't take gaia seriously, uses magic OUTSIDE of barriers, and is like a dragon. The witch gets some info., and Jihan finds out that the Harem king has stopped protecting him, and he will be targeted constantly now. They explain why this is important, cuz Jee-han didn't understand that a dude as strong as 3 of the nine gates protecting him mattered.

[no=88&episode no=185|Episode 61, season 3] Jee-han is training, uses a skill where he combines spiral mana bomb and 2 thunderbolts and insta kills a lvl 100 boss. He then puts a bunch of points into his wisdom and intelligence, and his magic is doubled, tripled, tripled again, and his usage is cut in half. HE can also do calculations at the speed of a quantum CPU, his memory is WAY more than a normal person's, and can penta cast (Combine 5 skills- improved dual casting)

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He is the son of Han Jung-Sook. When Han Jung-Sook first appeared her level and title were covered with question marks. Later on, after Shin Sun-Il's grand father discover the power of Han Jee-Han, her level was revealed to be 15, and her title became "The Legendary Housewife".

His dad is a mysterious man, even Jee-han admits to that, and he has been overseas in America throughout.

School Friends Edit

Shin Sun-IlEdit

His best friend since childhood, the two have maintained a steady relationship through their life. Although Jee-Han was suspicious of Sun-Il's power for a while, he eventually caved in and revealed everything to him about his abilities. The two forged an even stronger relationship since then, helping each other train and helping each other in times of distress. Even before then though Sun-ll is shown to care greatly for Jee-Han going from friendly to murderously intent when he thought Jee-Han was being impersonated and commonly reprimands him for doing things he considers dangerous, often forcing Jee-Han to promise not to willingly put himself at risk despite the nature of Jee-Han's power. Sun-Il is also the only person Jee-Han trusts completely.

Poong Sae-Young Edit

Shin Sun-il's cousin. Sae-Young knows Han Jee-Han very well. Recognizing him by voice when he appears at Sun-il's house when Jee-Han comes to check on his friend. She is also quite strong despite not being that much higher level than Sun-il. Sae-Young likes to constantly poke fun at Jee-Han by offering to go out on dates with him. Though Jee-Han suspects she only wishes to torment him. This could be because Jee-Han's body does not take damage like a normal person. As seen when Sae-Young attacks Jee-Han with the intent on "breaking his arm". Jee-Han shows sensitivity towards Sae-Young's feelings such as when he did not want to hurt her feelings when she asks why her INT was so low. Though this could just be because Sae-Young is incredibly violent.

Shin Sun-Oh Edit

Sun-il's grandfather. He and Han Jee-Han seem to have a love-hate relationship going on in the sense Sun-Oh despises Jee-Han, but Jee-Han has the utmost respect for Sun-Oh. Despite Sun-Oh's dislike of Jee-Han Sun-Oh still helped Jee-Han gain more skills and even upgraded tech around the manor after meeting Jee-Han.


Kwon Shi-Yun Edit

One of the people Jee-Han accidentally met when he stumbled inside an Illusion Barrier. Being a Yunhon Martial Arts expert, she is also capable of using fire-based techniques to increase the damage of her attacks. Shi-Yun has also displayed a love interest in Han Jee-Han. She becomes frighteningly jealous when he interacts even somewhat romantically with other girls, and embarrassed when the thought of the two becoming intimate together comes up.

Hwan Sung-Ah Edit

A person found unconscious when Jee-Han forcibly entered an Illusion Barrier. She's a fragile and weak woman who only lives through the lifeforce from her father. Thanks to the Yunhon Soul Recovery (with soul stone), a healing technique, every time Jee-Han and Sung-Ah meet he would use it on her to weaken the Black Demon's Invasion and to make her feel well for the time being. To return this favor Sung-Ah asks him what she could do for him and due to his interest in dating a girl Jee-Han spontaneously asks her if she would go on a date with him to which she agrees.

Kim Yoo-Jin Edit

One of Jee-Han's classmates and constantly called "Class Rep" by Jee-Han and others in the same class. This lead to the misunderstanding by Kwon Shi-Yun to believe "Class Rep" was her actual name. Yoo-Jin was first met in the Great Labyrinth illusion barrier when she was accidentally pulled in. Jee-Han rescued her from the Great Labyrinth and began to mentor her a bit so she could be strong enough not to die. It was later revealed by Lolikeano that this was unnecessary and demonstrated a skill that would prevent her from being pulled in again. It is also later revealed that others were being pulled into the Great Labyrinth; however, whenever they died they would respawn. So Yoo-Jin was never in any real danger. At least not of dying. Despite being enchanted by Lolikeano Yoo-Jin, along with Shi-Yun and Jee-Han, was still pulled into the Great Labyrinth illusion barrier yet again. It's implied that Yoo-Jin has romantic feelings for Jee-Han, but he has yet to realize them.

Lolikeano Mistream Edit

Also known as the Witch Of Carnage, Lolikeano Mistream taught Han Jee-Han magic as per his request after saving her from the Company. She finds joy in teasing Jee-Han, and has a cheerful, yet wicked nature. Though her voice is said to be "cracked" like a child's she addresses herself as "Noona" to Jee-Han. Implying she is older than he is.


His ability called The Gamer was given to him by Gaia herself making him a Natural Ability User; she also assists him in the usage of his ability, creating a system to monitor his daily life and his ability to learn and create skills. His ability is quite powerful and is considered a 'cheaty' ability as he can learn skills quite easily from skill books and level them up quickly. Due to this, his ability is classified as Shinin Class, the highest and rarest of levels. Most of the active skills are voice activated. His ability works like this:

  1. Certain actions in his daily life get turned into skills.
  2. Objects turn into items.
  3. His body works like that of a game character.
  4. After sleeping in a bed he restores HP, MP and all status effects.
  5. Certain technique books are treated as skill books.
  6. Allies can be added to form a party.
  7. This ability can be temporarily extended to others through the use of the party system.
  8. It also can generate certain items from monsters even if the monsters don't have physical bodies. These items include crafting and healing items. This is considered turning an illusion into reality.
  9. It also has the effect of making training areas into full battle areas, as well as making a boss mob appear in all instant dungeon.
  10. Just by looking at some person or thing, Gaia automatically informs him of name and level (usually). Using Observe, he can quantify attributes accurately and without bias.
  11. EXP points can be gained by defeating enemies (monsters, ability users, etc.) to completing tasks.

Limitations: His ability, while very powerful, does have some limitations to it.

  1. He can't gain certain skills or techniques until he has reached a certain level in a certain area.
  2. He can't 'absorb' books based on theories.
  3. He can't combine abilities that don't mesh together. This is demonstrated when the Chunbumoon experiment on his skill gaining ability via books.
  4. If stamina (vitality) is more than 4 times lower than his intelligence a deteriorating effect can appear which takes 1 stamina (vitality) point every 24 hours.

Status Window: This is a voice command that brings up a window that shows his status (name, class, Health Points (HP), Mana Points (MP), level, attributes, title, money and attribute points).

Attributes that can be increased via points gained from leveling.

  • Strength (STR)
  • Vitality (VIT)
  • Dexterity (DEX)
  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Wisdom (WIS)
    • Magic Resistance increases by 1% every 10 WIS points.
    • Mana Regeneration increases by 1% every 10 WIS points.
  • Luck (LUK)

Attributes that can not be directly increased via points gained from leveling.

  • Physical resistance
  • Mana (MP)
  • Mana Regeneration (MR)
  • Magic Resistance
  • Health (HP)

Inventory Window: This is a voice command that brings up a window that shows all the items he has obtained and stored including the clothes he wears and the weapons he has obtained and equipped. This is seen as a dimensional magic ability.

Skill List Window: This is a voice command that brings up a window that shows a list of all the skills he has learned. When the skill icon is selected it shows all the current information about that skill.

Options Window: This is a voice command that brings up the options menu.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Icon Name Type LV Description
Gamer's Mind Icon
Gamer's Mind Passive MAX Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological mass effect.
Gamer's Body Icon
Gamer's Body Passive MAX Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP and all mass effects.
Physical Endurance Icon
Physical Endurance Passive 56 The body's durability increases, allowing for less damage taken. 56% decrease in damage taken by attacks.
Douchery Active ?? Ultimate skill of the cosmos. Transcends power of Gaia.
Blunt Weapon Icon
Blunt Weapon Mastery Passive 5 Allows the user to freely handle blunt weapons. 10% increase in attack damage with blunt weapons. 5% increase in attack speed with blunt weapons.

At level five, it gives a 30% increase in attack damage when using blunt weapons and a 10% increase in attack speed.

Sword Mastery Icon
Sword Mastery Passive 24 Allows the user to freely handle swords. Increase in attack damage with swords.
Spear Mastery Icon
Spear Mastery Passive 2 Allows the user to freely handle spears. 10% increase in attack damage with spears.
Bow Mastery Icon
Bow Mastery Passive 1 Allows the user to freely handle bows. 10% increase in attack damage with bows and arrows.
Mana Affinity Icon
Mana Affinity Passive Technique that allows the user to become more sensitive to mana and handle it better.
Dish Washing Icon
Dish Washing Passive 1 A technique to wash dishes. With greater mastery, you can clean any dirty spot. 5% increase in dish washing speed.
Sense Danger Passive 5 A natural survival instinct. It allows the user to sense when something bad might happen. The higher the skill level, the earlier the user can sense danger.
Medium Mana Capacity Passive 1 An ability given to the few users that are born with an exceptional ability to handle mana.

Effect: 1. Mana Based attacks are 15% stronger. 2 Uses 10% less mana for all abilities

Mana Regeneration Passive 1 An ability given to those of special heritage that allows faster recovery of MP.

Effect: 100% increased MP regeneration.

Chunbu Outer Ki Technique Icon
Chunbu Outer Ki Technique (천부삼재외공, Cheonbusamjaeoegong) Passive



1 Makes the body strong and increases the body's defense. Increases STR, DEX, VIT and the recovery rate of VIT and Stamina.
Detect Bloodlust Passive 6 A skill that detects any bloodlust directed at the user. It is an instinctive skill. Detects bloodlust within thirty meters of the target's location. It also alerts the user of the location.
Chunbu Breathing Technique Icon
Chunbu Spirit (Breathing) Technique (천부삼재심공, Cheonbusamjaesimgong) Passive & Active 36 A basic inner ki technique developed by the Chunbumoon. It purifies ki and allows the user to store it within their ki center, enabling the user to freely manipulate the power. Passively increases STR, DEX, VIT, INT and WIS and can permanently improve them further through training. Actively further increases his STR and DEX and Ki Strikes can be used when active.
Chunbu Breathing Technique's Ki Meditation Mode Active 1 A method to regain used up Inner Ki and recovers it quite rapidly. Additional 30 MP gain per minute when activated. External shock may break Ki meditation and cause you to fall into a state of Ki Confusion. From ch 23 pg 18.
Chunbu Sword Technique Icon
Chunbu Sword Technique (천부삼재검법, Cheonbusamjaegeombeob) Passive & Active 2 Passively increases the speed and power of sword attacks and allows Ki Strikes to be used when active. Attack power further increases when Chunbu Spirit Technique is learned.
Chunbu Martial Arts Technique Icon
Chunbu Martial Arts Technique (천부삼재권법, Cheonbusamjaegwonbeob) Passive & Active 3 Passively increases bare-handed attack power and speed and Ki Strikes can be used when active. Attack power further increases when Chunbu Spirit Technique is learned.
Chunbu Martial Arts Technique: Eight Trigrams Strike A martial arts technique where the user rushes the opponent using the foot technique to close the gap, throws his opponent off guard, and uses a palm strike to hit the opponents ki center.
Chunbu Foot Technique Icon
Chunbu Foot Technique (천부삼재보법, Cheonbusamjaebobeob) Passive & Active 1 Passively increases movement speed and the speed will increase further when either active or if the user has learned Chunbu Spirit Technique.
Observe Icon
Observe Active 9 Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons was generated allowing the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained. At level 9, the skill comments on what is observed.
Rip Icon
Rip Active 1 A skill that rips apart an enemy or an object using a strong force. Increases tearing force by 30%.
Power Strike Icon
Power Strike Active 3 Strikes the target with a strong force. 15% increase in critical rate. 50% increase in attack damage. At level 3, damage increases to 150% and critical rate increases to 17%.
ID Create Icon
Instant Dungeon Create Active 12 Used to create instant dungeons. Stronger instant dungeons may be created according to level.
ID Escape Icon
Instant Dungeon Escape Active 12 Used to escape instant dungeons.
Energy Bolt Icon
Energy Bolt Active 1 A skill that attacks by emitting mana. Attack power increases by INT. Range 10m.
Spiral Energy Bolt Icon
Spiral Energy Bolt Active 2 A technique used to gather and spin an immense amount of mana in a spiral form. The spiral spin greatly increases its piercing power, and the increased amount of mana also greatly increases its strength. 20% Defense penetration. 600% attack damage increase. 4 second spin time. Depending on the user's wish, it is possible to increase the spin time to 10 seconds. There is an additional attack damage increase as the spin time increases.The power of this attack can be adjusted on how much MP is applied.
Yunhon Soul Recovery Icon
Yunhon Soul Recovery Active 45 15MP: Yunhon spirit technique's recovery skill which carries the meaning to burn one's soul.
Craft Icon
Craft Active 34 A skill to make something. Humanity has advanced their civilization through inventing things. Crafted objects become better as mastery levels rise. Registered blueprint: 1.
Mana Shield Icon
Mana Shield Active 65 40MP: One of the most basic defense skills using mana. Handling the energy called mana has existed for a long time, and mana shield is one among many. The ability to handle the energy called mana has existed for a long time, and mana shield is one of the many abilities using mana. Blocks a portion of the impact. 50 additional MP used per minute. At lv 65 mana usage is reduced to 5 MP per minute.
Fool's Act Active 1 Words that make the enemy doubt the mental state of the user. It could possibly confuse the target. Has a chance to confuse the target for 2 seconds.
Mana Arrow Active 1 5MP: An attack skill that hardened mana into an elongated shape. Only possible for those talented in manipulating mana.
Spinning Mana Arrow Active 28 3MP: A long distance attack skill with increased piercing power by adding a strong spin to a mana arrow. Only possible for those talented in manipulating mana.
Life Drain Active 1 30MP: Technique possessed by some middle rank or above undead. This technique manipulates life force. The technique absorbs the target's life force and adds it to the user's. With training, it is possible to transfer the user's life force to allies.
Mana Rope Active 1 2MP: A rope made from mana. It has physical durability and disappears after some time as mana scatters. Duration: 10 minutes.
Bind Active 11 5MP: A skill to tie an enemy with a rope made of mana. It has physical durability and disappears after some time as mana scatters. Duration: 10 minutes.
Summon Lowest Elemental Active 99 5MP: Summons the most basic Elemental. Long time ago, man realized nature's power and have not skimped out on trying to wield its powers. Eventually, they were able to communicate with elementals and could summon them at will.

The elemental's attributes will change as the caster's INT, skill level and Earth Element Affinity grows. It will also allow them to summon stronger elementals. Strongest Elemental you can summon now/summonable: Lowest Earth Elemental.

Max number of summonable Elementals: 21. Consume 5 more mana per minute

Summon Lower Elemental Active 12 200 MP: Summons a lower Elemental. Since long time, man as respect and comprehend eth existence of Elemental's and continually try to bond with them.Thanks to their efforts they now live in harmony with them through a contract

The elemental's attributes will change as the caster's INT, skill level and Earth Element Affinity grows. It will also allow them to summon stronger elementals.

Max number of summonable Elementals: 1.

Remove Curse Active 1 500MP: Using various energies like mana, ki, or chakra it is used to remove any 'curse' on a target. As an experienced mana user, it is used to physically remove the curse using mana. Able to remove medium or higher grade curse with soul stone. Able to remove medium or lesser grade curse without soul stone.
Trolls regeneration
Troll's Restoration Power Active 42

100MP: Magic that was born in ancient Europe. Allows wounds to heal by allowing the power of a troll, a creature that is almost extinct, to be granted to the body.

Giants str
Strength of a Giant Active 42

60MP: Magic that was born in ancient Europe. Increases strength temporarily by granting the strength of a giant, an ancient creature that is extinct, to the body. The mp cost is 60.

Bronze Skin Active 42

60MP: A magic with unknown origin. It appeared as a protection magic that mages used widely. The skin becomes as strong as bronze, but it retains the texture of skin, having the strength of bronze and the flexibility of skin. The defensive strength is so strong, that it deflects bullets with only a light skin wound. A deep bruise is possible and it won't stop the bones from breaking.

Basic Granting Magic Active 1

40MP: Basic magic that existed since the stone age. This allows you to bestow different objects with magical abilities.

Spinning Magic Arrow Active 78

A new attack magic created by combining the magic arrow that existed since the stone age together with the spinning mana arrow developed by the gamer himself. The number of arrows has increased due to knowledge in magic and power increased as well in according to intelligence.

Lowest Grade Golem Creation Active 22 2000MP: A legendary inanimate creature from ancient Judea. Its existence has been known even before B.C. The basics of this spell allow you to use clay to breathe life into a puppet. After a long time of research, magicians found lots of varieties of golems. Effect: Permanently allow one to create 1 Golem at a time. The Golem's abilities will be based on the casters stats. Limitation: 3 Golems
Endless Magic Arrow Active 78 As soon as you active this magic, you'll keep summoning magic arrow to pierce your enemies. This skill will last until the caster decides to stop or when all of your mana has been depleted, the number of arrows will change based on how much mana you have.
Endless Spinning Magic Arrow Active 73 A new attack magic created by combining the Spinning Magic Arrow with the Endless Magic Arrow developed by the gamer himself. The number of arrows has increased due to knowledge in magic and power increased as well in according to intelligence.
Lightning Arrow Active 34 Magical arrow imbued with the power of lightning. The speed of this spell can be compared to the speed of light. Dodging this arrow after it's been fired is impossible. 
Exploding Flames Active 42 You throw a ball of flame that will explode in a 3 meter radius, the range and heat intensity of this skill is based on how much magic you have.
Psychokinesis Active 24 Allows the wielder to manipulate object at certain range
Flight Active 5 You can fly using magic. Based on how much magic you have, you can fly faster and higher.
Dual Casting Active 2 Allows the user to use two or more spells at the same time
Massage Passive 1 An ancient skill that allows you to take the fatigue away from the flesh of a human. And so it is possible for you to cure body or joint related negative effects.
Advance Magic Passive 1 An ability born in those who possess magical powers that are stronger than others

Effect: 30% increase in magic attacks

Effect: 30% decrease in MP consumption

Magic Control Passive 1 An ability that allows one to control the magic artfully

Effect: 10% decrease in MP consumption

Ultimate magic Passive MAX Effect: +50% MP attack power

Effect: -50% MP consumption when using magic skills

High speed transcendental Passive MAX Effect: Allows to cast 5 spells at once

Effect: Time needed to cast a spell decreased by 50%

Legendary magic power Passive MAX Effect: Magic attack increased by 100%

Effect: The amount of MP required to cast a spell decreased by 80%

Sage's wisdom Passive MAX Effect: MP recovery increased by 300%

Effect: Magic defense increased by 300%

Create Artificial Spirit Active 1 Minds and souls are surprisingly easy to create and are tools of their creator. Allows you to create artificial spirits. The abilities of the artificial spirits are proportional to the magic abilities of the caster.
Mythical mana Passive MAX Effect: Magic attack increased by 200%

Effect: The amount of MP required to cast a spell decreased by 95%

Transcendental sage's wisdom Passive MAX Effect: MP recovery increased by 600%

Effect: Magic defense increased by 600%


Stats by LevelEdit

4 100 50 15 9 11 8 6 9
6 200 100 15 9 11 8 6 9
7 250 150 15 15 11 15 6 9
14 600 500 20 (15+2+1.5+1.5) 20 (15+2+1.5+1.5) 14.1 (11+2+1.1) 15+2 6 9
15 650 550 20 20 14.1+1.1(10%) 17 6 9
16 700 1300 20 20 15.2 65.8 6 9
20 900 800 18.8 20 15.2 65.8 6.6 9
21 1650 2580 18.8 20 15.2 65.8 6.6 9
25 1850 2700 18.8 20 15.2 65.8 6.6 13
27 4740 18.8+24 20+26.4 15.2 131.8 7.7+3.3 13
32 2880 4890 44 (35+2+3.5+3.5) 46.4 15.2 131.8 38.5 (35+3.5) 13
38 3030 5040 44 (35+2+3.5+3.5) 46.4 15.2 131.8 38.5 (35+3.5) 13
59 44 (35+2+3.5+3.5) 50 (40+2+4+4) 26.2 (20+2+2.1+2.1) 236.3 38.5 (35+3.5) 15
99 44 (35+2+3.5+3.5) 50 (40+2+4+4) 26.2 (2+2.1+2.1) 346.3 (313+2+31.3) 38.5 (35+3.5) 25
112 44 (35+2+3.5+3.5) 116 (100+2+4+10) 26.2 (2+2.1+2.1) 440.3 (397+2+41.3) 104.5 (95+9.5) 25
120 54.6








104.5 (95+9.5) 50

Notes: In chapter 16 his base STR was 15. In chapter 30 It's 14.

In Ch 18 his base Int was 57 (15+42). In Ch 30 it is 58

Ch 47 his Int should be... 58 + 60 (= 118) + 2 + 10%(118) = 131.8 (Not 131)


Stat names as of Chapter 5: Power, strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Luck.

Stat names as of Chapter 200: Power, HP, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom, Luck.



Weapons and ItemsEdit


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