Horutipia Aholting is an European Natural ability user hired by Hwan Sung-Gon to kill all the cleaners coming after him and his daughter. He is a druid warrior that supports his coworker: Lolikiano Mistream.


He is a tall warrior with a white wolf skin draped over his head and brown fur around his waist. He does not wear anything on his torso, revealing his large muscles. He also wears a belt made of leaves.


He is a quiet man, not speaking much at all. However, he does ask questions important to his mission, as seen in Chapter 29. He is loyal to the Witch of Slaughter.


In Chapter 29, he first shows up with the Witch of Slaughter talking to Hwan Sung-Gon about hiring them to kill all the cleaners that show up. The Witch agrees for them and seals the deal.

In Chapter 34, he and the Witch show up to deal with Legle and the Mage, cleaners looking for Han Jee-Han and Hwan Sung-Ah.

In Chapter 36, Aholting and the Witch are shown having defeated several cleaners and the Witch proceeds to sweep them into a pile.

In Chapter 58, the group of summoners, the Black Rock, are seen attacking him and the Witch with a Special Jumble Mumble Golem. After a gust of wind almost knocked them off the Witch's broom, they decided to retreat for the time being.

In Chapter 62, he blocks Han Jee-Han's punch and recommended that they fight together against the Black Rock alchemists.


Requiem of the Oak Tree: When used in battle, Horutipia Aholting can transform himself into a tree and grows at a fast rate. As he grows, he can bind his enemies and drain all of their nutrients from their bodies. This also leaves him at a disadvantage as well, since like any other plant, he is weak against fire.


For some reason, in the earlier chapters, Lolikiano Mistream called him Dylan or Dillon (depending on the translator).