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ID Create is one of the skills of Han Jee-Han, which is how his Gamer ability interprets the creation of Illusion Barriers, which are actually created by Gaia for anyone in the abyss who calls on her power to do so.

As per ch146 (s3 ep23): "Strictly speaking, we're not the ones who make illusory barriers. It's gaia who makes them for us." "Only grand sorcerers can use spells to create a dimension and space." "And there are less than 20 of that kind of grand sorcerers on the planet. They can create completely different dimensions, and apparently they actually do..."


Used to create instant dungeons. Stronger instant dungeons may be created at higher levels.


  1. Empty ID - Monsters: None
  2.  Zombie ID - Monsters: Zombies
  3.  Ghost ID - Monsters: Ghosts
  4.  Combined ID - Monsters: Zombies and Ghosts
  5.  Ogre ID - Monsters: Angry Ogres
  6.  Assorted Combined ID - Monsters: Angry Ogres, Zombies and Ghosts
  7.  Training ID - Monsters: None
  8. Time Warping ID - Monsters: None - Time Ratio 30:1*

*Note: The time ratio varies based on the level of the gamer. Initially when this unlocked the time dilation was 1:2, this was shown to slowly rising every now and then, currently the highest speed mentioned in the comic is listed.