Legion Zombie
Legion Zombie
Class Unknown
Vital Statistics
Age Irrelevant
Gender Male
Style None
Level 34
HP 15200
MP 1200
Current Status
Affiliation Unknown
Debut Chapter 18

The Legion Zombie is the mob boss for zombies that is only found in Hwan Sung-Gon's Illusion Barriers (Zombie types illusion barrier can only be created at night.)that gathers the spirits of the dead and give them a corporeal form. It is the conglomeration of hundreds of zombies hence the name "Legion".


The Legion Zombie stands around 25ft tall. Unlike a regular Zombie its body is not rotting or decaying and it does not wear any clothes.


It is very aggressive and appears to be somewhat intelligent as when it realized it couldn't catch Han Jee-Han it started to throw objects at him and even mislead him by faking a breath attack.


The Legion Zombie appears due to Han Jee-Han and Shin Sun-Il killing hundreds of Zombies. It was defeated by Han Jee-Han's Spiral Energy Bolt.  When it was defeated it dropped the Life Drain skill book, 5 lowest grade recovery potions, and 500,000 won.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Since it is the combination of many zombies the Legion Zombie is an extremely powerful monster.

  • Immense strength: Its humongous size makes it able to smash the ground with every pounding. It is also able to tear huge pieces of concrete from the ground with ease.
  • Immense Durability: Its humongous size gives it immense durability as when when Jee-Han's attack barely affected it. It is able to move around like nothing happened.
  • Immense Stamina: Its humongous size gives it immense stamina as when when Jee-Han's attack barely affected it and didn't lose in any momentum. It is able to move around like nothing happened after attacking with pieces of concrete.


Drop ItemsEdit