The Gamer is a webtoon manhwa written by Sung Sang-Young and illustrated by Sang-Ah. The original RAWS can be seen on NaverKor. The translated version can be read on Batoto, the site the scanlators recommend. Below is the List of Chapters currently released. The latest chapter released is 190.

Volume 1 Edit

1. The Quest Above My Head

2. Time to Train

3. I Leveled Up

4. Shout My Name!

5. I Need More Skills!

6. Let's Find a Party

7. Get Into Gear

8. Wise Decisions Require Knowledge

9. Only Through Effort Will You Gain the Fortitude to Walk Down Your Own Path

10. Experience Determines One's Life

11. The Act of Purchasing and Selling is The Foundation of Human Economy

12. Being Different From Others, Being Special, it Always Motivates People. That is How Stars are Made

13. The Society has Become Quite Complicated Today, Within it, Generalists are Treasured More Than Specialists. Generalists are Persons That Can Deal With a Wide Range of Problems. Although he Isn't Especially Talented at any one Thing, a Generalist can Deal With Most Issues Without aid, Since Here are so Many Generalists, They Will Soon Compete Among Themselves. It's a Competition of the Stats. Do you Know What That Means? It Means for you to Become the Trash Character That's Spent Points on Everything

14. Life is a Series of Choices. Only you can Make the Decision and you Have to Live With That Choice. Will you be Happy With it? Decisions Made in a Split Second Determine Your Future Some Choices Turn Your Life Around Completely. Do you Think You've Made the Right Choices in Those Moments?

15. Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger

Volume 2 Edit

15.5 Any Pain That Can't Kill me Only Makes me Stronger

16. Should I set a Meeting Between men in a Dungeon?

17. Lalala With my Master in a Dungeon

18. It all Happens Unexpectedly

19. You Must be Joking With Me

20. If I Become a Magician...

21. How can you Sleep at That Level?

22. Join a Guild for Extra Benefits!

23. Conclusion and Training!

Volume 3 Edit

24. A Temporary Peace

25. A Warrior's Rest

26. As Father Said Once Before. Do not end up Between Women

27. Entry to the Great Labyrinth

28. Doubt

29. Do You Know What Cornering is?

30. The World Known as Abyss

31. Quest!

32. Daily Life After the Adventure

33. Living to the Fullest

34. Sleeps at your level

  • Chapter 61
  • Chapter 62
  • Chapter 63
  • Chapter 64
  • Chapter 65
  • Chapter 66

35. Daily Routines

  • Chapter 67
  • Chapter 68
  • Chapter 69
  • Chapter 70
  • Chapter 71
  • Chapter 72 (#195)

Volume 4 Edit

36. Sleeps at your level

  • Chapter 1 (#196)
  • Chapter 2 (#197)
  • Chapter 3 (#198)
  • Chapter 4 (#199)
  • Chapter 5 (#200)

37. Sorcerer fight with money

  • Chapter 6 (#201)
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 12

37. Why can't people live alone?

  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 14 (#209 : 2018.02.01)