Lolikiano Mistream
Witch of Slaughter
Class Mage (Sage)
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Female
Title Witch of Slaughter
Attribute Darkness (암(暗), Am)
Type Unknown
Style Magic
Level 142
STR Unknown
DEX Unknown
VIT Unknown
INT Unknown
WIS Unknown
LUK Unknown
HP Unknown
MP Unknown
Current Status
Job Freelance Mage
Affiliation Horutipia Aholting
Hwan Sung-Gon
State Active
Debut Chapter 29

Lolikiano Mistream, the Witch of Slaughter is a powerful sage from Europe who specializes in killing weak opponents and devil summoning.


Lolikiano Mistream is a character of a small build with pink hair and is typically seen wearing the black robes of a witch with a broomstick.  Although she appears as a young girl, she claims to be much older, possibly in her sixties.


She is a character with a cheerful and playful nature who has an interest in younger men such as Han Jee-Han.


In chapter 29, she is first introduced to us during her meeting with Hwan Sung-Gon, who hires her to kill all 'cleaners' that show up in the local area for a period of 90 days. 

In chapter 34, she and her partner Horutipia Aholting her Grand Warrior, show up to deal with Legle and the Mage cleaners looking for Han Jee-Han and Hwan Sung-Ah.

In chapter 36, she and Horutipia Aholting are shown having defeated several cleaners and she proceeds to sweep them into a pile.

In chapter 58, The Group of summoners the Black Rock are seen attacking her and Horutipia Aholting with a Special Jumble Mumble Golem. After a gust of wind almost knocking them off her broom they decide to retreat for now.

In chapter 87, she teaches Han Jee-Han dual casting. She becomes Han Jee-Han's teacher.


Manipulation of life force: Magic which allows the caster to forcefully take the life force of any living creature weaker than them is a designated area.

Blood summoning: The ability to call forth demons from the book of Solomon through blood sacrifice.