Lolikiano Mistream, the Witch of Slaughter is a powerful sage from Europe who specializes in killing weak opponents and devil summoning.


Lolikiano Mistream is a character of a small build with pink hair and is typically seen wearing the black robes of a witch with a broomstick.  Although she appears as a young girl, she claims to be much older, possibly in her sixties.


She is a character with a cheerful and playful nature who has an interest in younger men such as Han Jee-Han.


In chapter 29, she is first introduced to us during her meeting with Hwan Sung-Gon, who hires her to kill all 'cleaners' that show up in the local area for a period of 90 days. 

In chapter 34, she and her partner Horutipia Aholting her Grand Warrior, show up to deal with Legle and the Mage cleaners looking for Han Jee-Han and Hwan Sung-Ah.

In chapter 36, she and Horutipia Aholting are shown having defeated several cleaners and she proceeds to sweep them into a pile.

In chapter 58, The Group of summoners the Black Rock are seen attacking her and Horutipia Aholting with a Special Jumble Mumble Golem. After a gust of wind almost knocking them off her broom they decide to retreat for now.

In chapter 87, she teaches Han Jee-Han dual casting. She becomes Han Jee-Han's teacher.


Manipulation of life force: Magic which allows the caster to forcefully take the life force of any living creature weaker than them is a designated area.

Blood summoning: The ability to call forth demons from the book of Solomon through blood sacrifice.