Ogre Mob
Ogre Mob
Class Unknown
Vital Statistics
Age Irrelevant
Race Ogre
Gender Male
Title A Really Stupid Demon
Attribute Fire
Style None
Level 42
Current Status
Affiliation Chunbumoon
Relatives Ogre
Debut Chapter 39

The Ogre Boss is a monster and is the mob boss for ogres that is only found in the Chunbumoon's Illusion Barriers.


The Ogre Boss stands around 25ft tall. Unlike a regular ogre its body has two heads. The single horned head has one eye and is capable of spewing fire, the dual horned head has three eyes and is capable of spewing posion.


It is very aggressive and appears to be somewhat intelligent as when it realized it was about to be hit by Han Jee-Han's Spinning Mana Arrow it blocked with it's bat.


Abilities And PowersEdit

They are much faster than zombies and have approximately the same speed as Han Jee-Han.

  • Immense strength: Its humongous size makes it able to smash the ground with every pounding.
  • Immense Durability: Its humongous size gives it immense durability as when when Jee-Han's attack barely affected it. It is able to move around like nothing happened.
  • Immense Stamina: Its humongous size gives it immense stamina as when when Jee-Han's attack barely affected it and didn't lose in any momentum.
  • Fire Breath: The head with the single horn is capable of spewing fire from it's mouth.
  • Poison Breath: The head with the dual horns is capable of spewing poison mist from it's mouth.

Drop ItemsEdit

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