Party System is one of the sub-ability of Han Jee-Han granted to him by his Gamer ability.


The party system is system that Han Jee-Han can use to invite people when fighting monsters. He can invite people to the party by being inside an Illusion Barrier, and saying 'Invite Party'. A party request will then appear in front of the person he invited.

The list of confirmed aspects can be encountered below.

  1. EXP share won't work equally if the level difference is higher than 10, this effect would benefit the member with higher level if he/she fought with all his strength, since he/she would gain levels like in a game.
  2. All members in the party at the time gets EXP, either from EXP Share or from killing monsters.
  3. When the members of the party have 10 or less levels of difference they are able to see their levels titles and hp in a bar above their heads.
  4. Although they gain a partial game ability if the levels in the party are less than 10 in difference,the ability do not extend to monsters the member being unable to see monsters levels and Names


Han Jee-Han created parties in various occasions such as;

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First Party Lets Ride


10 Levels of difference.


Can't see levels.




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