Phantom Wind
Phantom Wind
Class Phantom Wind
Vital Statistics
Age 18
Gender Male
Title Unknown
Style Chunbumoon Martial Arts
Level Unknown (Less than 46)
HP unknown
MP unknown
Current Status
Affiliation Chunbumoon
Debut Chapter 9

Phantom Wind is a member of the Chunbumoon clan. 


He is a young man possibly in his late teens or early twenties with spiked brownish hair with three bangs covering his forehead. His equipment consist of a huge sword.


He is quick-tempered and first to take action since he wanted to attack Hwan Sung-Gon without much discussion.


He briefly appear with Shin Sun-Il and Phantom Rain when confronting Hwan Sung-Gon.



Since he is a phantom ranked ability user he must be quite powerful within the clan. His level is unknown but he was no match for Hwan Sung-Gon since he was not able to stop him even fighting with a group of three.

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