Poong Sae-Young
Sae-Yong Debut
Hangul 풍세영
Romaja Pungseyeong
Class Chunbumoon Phantom Cloud (천부문 운귀 Cheonbumun Ungwi )
Vital Statistics
Age 21
Race Human
Gender Female
Title Freedom Seeker
Style Chunbu Martial Arts
Level 32 → 42
STR 82
DEX 82
VIT 91
INT 26
WIS 11
LUK 35
Current Status
Job Athlete (Taekwondo) - Olympic Gold Medalist
Affiliation Chunbumoon
Relatives Shin Sun-Il (Cousin)
Shin Sun-Oh (Grandfather)
State Active
Debut Chapter 9

Poong Sae-Young (풍세영, Pungseyeong) is a member of Chunbumoon and an Olympic Medalist in Women's Taekwondo. She is also the cousin of Shin Sun-Il and granddaughter of Shin Sun-Oh and heir to a unique branch of martial arts within the Chunbumoon.


She is a young woman in her early 20's with green-bluish hair and said color eyes. She often wears tight and revealing clothes, which is often expressed by Han Jee-Han.


She can be very aggressive towards Han Jee-Han, such as when he commented on her ability to lift a heavy box (implying that she was not delicate), which she furiously dropped on his foot. Sometimes she can also be a little teasing, such as when she asked if he wanted to go out with her after repeatedly hitting him. She might even have feelings for Han Jee-Han.


In the past, she was an Olympic Medalist in Women's Taekwondo. Han Jee-Han used to regularly visit the Chunbumoon dojo where she lives and they got to be quite close. At one point in time, Jee-Han entered her room without permission while she was in her second grade and discovered she wears black silk lace panties. When she found this out, she ordered him to never reveal this information. The previous time Jee-Han visited was two months before he got his ability. She has never played a video game in her whole life.


Time to TrainEdit

When Jee-Han visits the dojo to check on Sun-Il's health, Sae-Young answers the doorbell which he rang. She initially asks who's there and when Jee-Han states that it was him and asks for Sun-Il, she replied that Sun-Il is too sick right now. Jee-Han loudly questions if he got done in by Hwan Sung-Gon while adding that he knew everything which left her speechless momentarily but she tells him to come in. Sae-Young waits near a house as Jee-Han approaches her while inquiring on how long it was since he last visited. Sae-Young replied that it was two months according to her memory and as Jee-Han asks where Sun-Il is, she tells him to follow her. Looking at her behind causes Jee-Han to blush because of how revealing her clothes are but she ends up leading him into an inescapable Illusion Barrier called Chunbumoon's Wind Rain Cloud Triad Zone filled with status decreasing functions. Standing on top of a pillar, she states that the Han Jee-Han she knew is a normal idiot addicted to games and yet he suddenly mentions Hwan Sung-Gon which is suspicious. Jee-Han tries to reason with her but she silences him and while grinning, she suggests that they find out who he truly is. She orders the cloud to come, covering the whole area in water vapors and decreasing Jee-Han's speed by half. She hits Jee-Hans bag, knocking him to the ground and she states he really wasn't the real Jee-Han since he just received enough force to break his bones. Jee-Han tries to tell her that he became like this recently although Sae-Young tells him to shut it and asks for the location of the real Jee-Han and if he was one of Hwan Sung-Gon's men. She watches in silence as Jee-Han accesses his Inventory and consumes bread and milk. Jee-Han states that he'll prove he is who he says he is which confuses her but he shouts "Poong Sae-Young Nuna's been wearing black lace panties since 2nd year of...!" but he's cut short by a strike at his throat which knocks him to his knees. A furious Sae-Young reminds him that she told him not to ever say that and remembers he found this out when he entered her room without her permission. Jee-Han tries to calm her down and reasons that she now knew he was the genuine Jee-Han which she agrees but while grabbing his shoulders, she decides to punish him. Jee-Han tries to convince her otherwise but she orders him to be quiet and tells him that although he managed to get in here, he won't be getting out.

Walking through the house, Jee-Han states that he can't comprehend why both Sun-Il and her would immediately attack him and an annoyed Sae-Young tells him that if people heard him, they'll think she's violent. Jee-Han tries to say that she is violent but she punches him in the gut, silencing him. She stares at him and when asked what was up, she replied that it was nothing while scratching her face. She creeps up on Jee-Han and wraps her arm around his neck, offering to go on a date with him. A scared Jee-Han rejects this offer although Sae-Young asks why he didn't want to go out with a beauty like her. He uses the excuse that he needs to study or his mum will get angry although Sae-Young dismisses that all he does is play games although Jee-Han rejects this. Sae-Young questions what happened to him but Jee-Han states that he already told Sun-Il and wonders if Sun-Il told her. She denies this, leading Jee-Han into revealing that he's a Natural Ability user although she asks how in disbelief. Unable to answer, Jee-Han states that he didn't know and when asked what his ability is, he reveals it's a Gamer one and when he confirms that their was levels and experience factors, Sae-Young asks what was up with that. Jee-Han recounts Sun-Il's words that this was because he's a game addict, causing Sae-Young to burst into laughter and even cries from this. After calming down, she explains that there aren't many Natural Ability users and most of them are strong. When asked why, she states that Acquired Ability users are only Ability users in name and are actually normal people who gained their strength through training, but Natural Ability users can train as well, meaning they could have both Natural and Acquired abilities. Jee-Han uses the analogy of grinding on a new character to get good game stats to understand this but Sae-Young questions why he had to compare everything to games although she accepts that it's the reason he got a game-like ability. Finally arriving at Sun-Il's door, Sae-Young tells Jee-Han he can discuss the details with Jee-Han since he was right there. When asked later on if she was entering, Sae-Young replies that she's fine outside.

Sae-Young was later surprised to see Jee-Han heal Sun-Il and she told Jee-Han to come to the dojo again the day after.

Shout My Name!Edit

Right after school, Jee-Han rings the doorbell to the Chunbumoon dojo and Sae-Young answers by asking who's there. Jee-Han reveals himself, causing Sae-Young to open the door and welcome him in. Jee-Han notices there weren't any students in the training area but Sae-Young states that she told them not to come since they're doing something important. Jee-Han inquires about this and Sae-Young turns around and yells at him that it's him and his ability that was important while poking him, causing him to be flustered as he asks what she meant by this. She reminds him that he completely healed Sun-Il the day before which wasn't an easy task. Jee-Han gloats at how amazing he is but Sae-Young rhetorically asks what he was talking about. Sae-Young tells him to come in while leading him by pulling his arm until they reach an inner garden where Sun-Il is testing himself. Sae-Young watches the interaction between Shin Sun-Oh, her grandfather, and Jee-Han while standing next to the latter.

Her grandfather orders her to get 'that' which is a heavy box of skills books. She carries it while unintentionally rattling it and when Jee-Han comments on how strong she is, the pissed Sae-Young dumps the box on his feet.

She opens the box up and when asked what the books are by Jee-Han, Sae-Young reveals its their clan's basic martial arts techniques which can be taught to people outside the clan, although not just anyone. Jee-Han inquires if they're important which she confirms and as she reaches down to get the books, Jee-Han stares at her cleavage. She hands him a book and watches as he absorbs it. Sun-Oh tells her to give the others which she does so but after handing a book to Jee-Han, he asks if he should learn this and she cheerily tells him to try it. When told that detrimental effects may result from learning Self-Enhancement Breathing Technique, Sae-Young is surprised and asks what he meant by that. Jee-Han remembers how Sae-Young hasn't yet played a game although he asks Sun-Il for confirmation which he gives. Jee-Han comments on how she's a complete out-of-date barbarian which angers her into asking him if he wanted to die. He explains the system message to both Sae-Young and Sun-Oh which leads them into giving him another book. She continues to hand him all the other books while watching him absorb almost all of them.


She is an expert practitioner of the Korean martial arts Taekkyeon and a Taekwondo gold medalist. She is also an expert in the Chunbumoon clan of martial arts.

Chunbu Breathing Technique (천부삼재심공, Cheonbusamjaesimgong) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases STR, DEX, VIT, INT and WIS and can permanently improve them further through training. Actively further increases his STR and DEX and Ki Strikes can be used when active.

  • Ki Meditation: A method to regain used up Inner Ki and recovers it quite rapidly.

Chunbu Sword Technique (천부삼재검법, Cheonbusamjaegeombeob) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases the speed and power of sword attacks and allows Ki Strikes to be used when active. Attack power further increases when Chunbu Spirit Technique is learned.

Chunbu Martial Arts Technique (천부삼재권법, Cheonbusamjaegwonbeob) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases bare-handed attack power and speed and Ki Strikes can be used when active. Attack power further increases when Chunbu Spirit Technique is learned.

Chunbu Foot Technique (천부삼재보법, Cheonbusamjaebobeob) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases movement speed and the speed will increase further when either active or if the user has learned Chunbu Spirit Technique.

Chunbu Outer Ki Technique (천부삼재외공, Cheonbusamjaeoegong) [Passive]: Makes the body strong and increases the body's defense. Increases STR, DEX, VIT and the recovery rate of VIT and DEX.

Illusion Barrier (허상결계, Heosang-gyeolgye): She has the ability to create a separate dimension exclusive to ability users called the Illusion Barrier.

  • Time-Displacement (시간정지, Siganjeongji): Time is displaced within the barrier meaning that time moves more slowly outside for everyone while inside it is normal for ability users.

Superhuman Strength: When she attacked Han Jee-Han she mentioned that her punch should have broken his bones.

Stats by LevelsEdit

42 82 91 82 26 11 35