Special Mumble Jumble Golem
Vital Statistics
Race Jumble Mumble Golem
Gender Not Applicable
Level ??? (possibly 78+)
STR ??
DEX ??
VIT ??
INT ??
Current Status
Affiliation Black Rock
Relatives Jumble Mumble Golem

Jumble Mumble Golem Beta

Debut Chapter 57

The Special Jumble Mumble Golem is a monster found in Illusion Barriers. It is a bigger version of the Jumble Mumble Golem.

 Appearance Edit

There are many different types of golems. This golem is constructed from the wreckage of random concrete and construction materials.

Personality Edit

This golem has a strong will and takes a lot to control it. Since the golem is enormous it requires a large amount of mana to control it.

To compensate the mana issue and falling off the golem, a group of summoners used fusing magic to fuse themselves to the golem to control it.

History Edit

Golem come the European mythology and the Hebrew name is "Fetus".

In mythology a rabbi prepared a ritual with mud and sand and engraved "Emeth" (which means truth) in order to give it life.

Abilities And Powers Edit

All golems have high defense, insanely high strength, and lastly they feel no pain.

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