Status Screen
Stat Value Source Chapter
Name JiHan Han N/A
Occuptation The Gamer N/A
Level 120 200
Next Level 28.21% 200
Designation Undead Slayer in Training 200
HP not yet sourced not yet sourced
MP not yet sourced not yet sourced
Strength (Previously "Power" ch.184, ch 136) 54.6(42+12.6) 200
HP (Previously "Strength", ch. 41) 116(100+16) 200
Agility (Previously "Dexterity", ch.1, ch.41) 39(30+9) 200
Intelligence 498.3(453+45.3) 200
Wisdom 104.5(95+9.5) 200
Luck 50 200
Point 0 200

Status definitions: Edit

Name: The name by which one is called by. If the creature has no name, its status will give a name depending its species (Monsters) or leave it unnamed, simply leaving an N/A in the name slot. (Named monsters have higher stats than average monsters, functioning like miniboss)

Occupation: The job one does, it does not seem to apear for monsters.

Level: The representsof the power of a character. It is unknown what determinates ones level, as both skills and statistics can be above the average for the level of the user.

Designation: A title one owns. It can give extra perks or statistics and can be obtained through special actions.

HP: Health points, represents how much health one has. Once someones HP reaches zero, they die. (Despite its name, it does not consider health problems like sicknesses.) Can be increases by spending points into HP.

MP: Mana points, used to cast spells. Some places use it as a power source and a currency

Strength: Increases physical strenght, possibly increases HP regenaration rate as well.

Agility: Increases overall speed.

Intelligence: Increases MP, learning speed and memory.

Wisdom: Increases MP regenaration. Possibly increases actual wisdom.

Luck: Likely increases the chance of rare drops, possibly increases real life luck.

Points: Can be spent to increase stats. The gamer gets 5 every level.