His ability called The Gamer was given to him by Gaia herself making him a Natural Ability User; she also assists him in the usage of his ability, creating a system to monitor his daily life and his ability to learn and create skills. His ability is quite powerful and is considered a 'cheaty' ability as he can learn skills quite easily from skill books and level them up quickly. Due to this, his ability is classified as Shinin Class, the highest and rarest of levels. Most of the active skills are voice activated. His ability works like this:

  1. Certain actions in his daily life gets turned into skills.
  2. Objects turns into items.
  3. His body works like that of a game character.
  4. After sleep in a bed he restores HP, MP and all status effects.
  5. Certain technique books are treated as skill books.
  6. Allies can be added to form a party.
  7. This ability can be temporarily extended to others through the use of the party system.
  8. It also can generate certain items from monsters even if the monsters don't have physical bodies. These items include crafting and healing items. This is considered turning an illusion into reality.
  9. It also has the effect of making training areas into full battle areas, as well as making a boss mob appear in all instant dungeon.
  10. Just by looking at some person or thing, Gaia automatically informs him of name and level (usually). Using Observe, he can quantify attributes accurately and without bias.
  11. EXP points can be gained by defeating enemies (monsters, ability users, etc.) to completing tasks.

Limitations: His ability, while very powerful, does have some limitations to it.

  1. He can't gain certain skills or techniques until he has reached a certain level in certain area.
  2. He can't 'absorb' books based on theories.

Status Window (Status): This is a voice command that brings up a window that shows his status (name, class, Health Points (HP), Mana Points (MP), level, attributes, title, money and attribute points).

Attributes that can be increased via points gained from leveling.

  • Strength (STR)
  • Vitality (VIT)
  • Dexterity (DEX)
  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Wisdom (WIS)
    • Magic Resistance increases by 1% every 10 WIS points.
    • Mana Regeneration increases by 1% every 10 WIS points.
  • Luck (LUK)

Attributes that can not be directly increased via points gained from leveling.

  • Physical resistance
  • Mana (MP)
  • Mana Regeneration (MR)
  • Magic Resistance
  • Health (HP)

Inventory Window (Inventory): This is a voice command that brings up a window that shows all the items he has obtained and stored including the clothes he wears and the weapons he has obtained and equipped. This is seen as a dimensional magic ability.

Skill List Window (Skills): This is a voice command that brings up a window that shows a list of all the skills he has learned. When the skill icon is selected it shows all the current information of that skill.

Options Window (Options): This is a voice command that brings up the options menu.

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