The Zombie is one of the monsters that is only found in Hwan Sung-Gon's Illusion Barriers(Zombie types illusion barrier can only be created at night.) that gathers the spirits of the dead and give them a corporeal form.


It appearance can vary from both gender, height (5ft~6ft), and state of decomposition. They all wear clothes and their skins have different tones of green.


They are slowly, moving aimlessly when there is no people. Their attitude becomes feral when they see a human. When they feel threatened, such as when Han Jee-Han and Shin Sun-Il started killing hundreds of them, they will combine and become a Legion Zombie.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Since it is the manifestation of evil spirits the zombie has many abilities because it is dead it can draw out the capabilities of the human body.

  • Superhuman Strength: Its has twice the strength of a normal human since it is dead and can draw out its full capabilities.
  • Superhuman Durability: It is extremely durable as normal attacks barely affects it's body.
  • Superhuman Stamina: It's great stamina is shown when numerous amounts of them are going after Jee-Han without showing signs of exhaustion.


Item DropEdit

Once in a while when defeated a zombie will drop either Tooth of the Dead, Rib or the more valuable item Soul Stone.